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Dogs and Basic manners

Is your dog jumping on guests, chewing your shoes, pulling on leash?  I can help!

A dog is never too old to learn to behave in ways that make him an even more wonderful companion.  

Let’s teach your dog the skills they need in a clear, consistent, fun way, taking into account the unique way that dogs learn and communicate, and ultimately set you both up to succeed.

How it works

  • All training begins with a 90-minute Initial session, which is $195
  • We’ll assess and discuss your training goals
  • Basic training and management strategies will be introduced and you’ll be given a foundation in basic learning theory and cues so you can start changing your dog’s behavior right away. 
  • We then help you choose the training option best for you and your dog’s needs.
  • If you choose to continue with training, personalized sessions will be billed at the rate of $145/one-hour session. Discounts are available for packages of four (4) or more session
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