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Aggressive Behavior

Private IN-HOME Dog Training in Queens and Long Island

Does your dog bark, growl, lunge, or snap at family members, guests, or strangers? Is it stressful to have visitors to your home? Are you avoiding walks with your dog? Your dog not like to share?  I can help! 

Behavior Modification involves a holistic approach, that includes basic training, changing your dog’s emotional response, and enrichment.  Your dog needs to learn new ways of navigating the world, making new, positive associations and also learning cues and alternative behaviors that can be used in stressful or uncomfortable situations.  Let’s teach your dog to behave in a safer, more relaxed way and to make better choices.

How it works

  • All training begins with a 90-minute Initial session, which is $195.
  • We’ll assess and discuss your training goals.
  • Basic training and management strategies will be introduced and you’ll be given a foundation in basic learning theory and cues so you can start changing your dog’s behavior right away. 
  • We then help you choose the training option best for you and your dog’s needs.
  • If you choose to continue with training, personalized sessions will be billed at the rate of $145/one-hour session.