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Go from a challenging to a fun, relaxing, rewarding life with your dog, the one you imagined when you got your dog.

Training is one of the most important things you can do for yourself and your dog.  You’ll both be happier, have a stronger bond and a more harmonious household and life together. 

Let us show you effective, and fun, dog training solutions.

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New puppy, now what? Is your puppy biting, nipping and chewing things he shouldn’t? Peeing in the wrong place? Let us help you survive puppyhood!

Jumping on guests, chewing shoes, pulling on leash, oh my! Let’s teach your dog to behave in ways that make him a wonderful companion.

Is your dog having trouble navigating the world? An anxious, fearful, cowering dog can learn to be more confident and relaxed, to feel safer and enjoy the world.

Are you avoiding walks because your dog lunges, barks and growls at dogs and/or people? Does having friends and family visit cause you stress because of your dog’s behavior? We can help!

Want to teach nice manners, solve basic problems and socialize your pup, all while having fun? Our Puppy and Basic Manners Group classes help you and your dog gain valuable skills and enjoy being together. 

Let me help you communicate with your dog through innovative, humane techniques that are both effective and fun. You’ll build a stronger bond and your dog  will look to you as a Benevolent Leader and Trusted Friend. 

Ritsa is by far the best dog trainer we have ever met. Thank you for your time, expertise in dog training and your love for animals. We highly recommend Ritsa to anyone who is in need of a dog trainer.

– Nicole & Tom

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