Happy Hounds Services

Group Classes

Private IN-HOME Dog Training in Queens and Long Island

Puppy Kindergarten – LET’S RAISE THIS PUPPY RIGHT!

For puppies 8 weeks up to 18 weeks. 

Get your new puppy off on the right paw and raise her to be a happy, well-mannered, well-adjusted adult dog.  This class is geared to the specific training, socialization needs and proper development of puppies and includes play sessions and problem-solving discussions.  In addition to socialization and basic training exercises we’ll work on house training, crate training, handling & care, and how to best handle common behavior problems, such as nipping, jumping up and chewing.  Last, but certainly not least, this class will help you forge a strong, life-long bond with your dog.

Basic Manners

For puppies and dogs 18 weeks through adults.
Nice manners make your dog a joy to be around. You enjoy your walks, are comfortable having visitors, and enjoy being a dog parent.

In our Basic Manners class your dog will learn foundation behaviors needed to make them a good companion.  We’ll also cover basic problem solving and share easy-to-implement training techniques that can be used to teach your dog any behavior.

We will work on COME, SIT, DOWN, WAIT, STAY, LEAVE it & Loose-leash walking.

Beyond The Basics

Learn some new skills and also take your skills to the next level, adding the 3 D’s of dog training – Distance, Duration, and Distraction.  We’ll work on consistency in training, fading food lures and teaching your dog how to handle different environments and challenges.

Classes held on Tuesday nights in Sunnyside / LIC